Guillermo Giampietro

Intervencion en la Iglesia (2012). Video.

 Grupo Cucaño (1979-1984)

Grupo Cucaño (1979-1984).


Born in 1962 in Rosario (AR). Lives and works in Trieste (IT). Guillermo GIampietro, musician, performance and video artist always attentive to the relationship between word, image and sound, with a practice ranging from poetry and painting to video and from installations to performances, in a continuous search of new modes of expression. Guillermo Giampietro had been active in cultural resistance against the military dictatorship in Argentina as a founding member of Argentina’s experimental art group Cucaño (Rosario, 1979-1984). The group carried out several subversive, theatrical, provocative and counter-mass interventions.

The VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK 2014 shows the video Intervención en la Iglesia (2012), reconstructing the intervention of the group Grupo Cucaño at a Sunday mess at a church in Rosario in 1982. The group saw this intervention not just a mere protest, but addressed it to be breaking with representation, to mutiny reality and to make a step towards the impossible. The video by Guillermo Giampietro has been co-produced by the Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, for the 2012 itinerary exhibition Losing the Human Form: A seismic image of the 1980s in Latin America.

Courtesy of the Artist, Museo Reina Sofia and Conceptualismos del Sur.